“…. even before there were hospitals or shelters, or homes as we know them today, women helped and supported women through pregnancy, childbirth and post partum. Women created a circle of support for the childbearing woman and her family. Today the doula is re-connecting this ancient circle of support bringing female companionship back to time honoured tradition of women supporting women during childbirth”
– Robin Lim

Congratulations on your pregnancy and welcome to my doula services page. I am a recognised birth doula by Doula UK and it is a complete honour to be invited to support and share the most exceptional of times with mamas to be. I believe that birth is an amazing experience, an experience completely unique to you. 

As a birth doula my philosophy is to protect and respect your privacy and birth wishes to ensure that you feel safe, supported and secure, providing emotional and physical comfort measures for you and your partner so they can be totally focused and lovingly present for you.  I am guided by my clients birth intentions, not mine, so by providing a listening ear and with permission signposting information that may help you make informed choices creating a feeling of empowerment in your pregnancy so you can confidently create the birth and family that is as unique and as individual as you are.

As well as doula-ing, I am an active birth teacher, homeopath and my other passion is yoga, so I spend a fair bit of time practicing and teaching. I love going for long walks with my bulldog, Uno, especially if there is a good coffee and cinnamon roll involved. I like red wine and dark chocolate and  experimenting with a Vitamix making nut mylk concoctions. I love to spend time with my family and friends eating, film watching and exploring new places. I like to observe the phases of the moon, and to play around with crystals and oracle cards.